In this video, the GingerGM Simon Williams takes you down the chess rabbit hole to analyze one of his favorite games, between Gusev and Auerbach in Yekaterinburg, 1946.

It’s a fascinating game that gets super-complicated – a game that should get more attention!

This is a great lesson in calculation, tactics, and also prophylaxis – pushing your own ideas forward while restraining your opponent’s ideas.

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It’s a good idea to pause the video whenever Simon asks you a question, take your time to analyze the position, and try to figure out the best continuation. Active learning is the best way to improve in chess!

Chess is a two-player game – you can’t simply get so focussed on your own play that you ignore what your opponent is trying to achieve. Even when you gain an advantage, you want to remain focussed in order to prevent your opponent from getting counter-play and making your life more difficult than it has to be.

It can be easy to think so prophylactically that you start playing passively, but this is not the way to go! The best defense is an active defense, one where you improve your own pieces and create your own threats.

Follow along with the PGN below, with annotations from GM Simon Williams:

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