What is KeenChess?

❝ KeenChess makes chess studies much easier and faster through our trivia that pays real cash called How Much You Know. We're the quickest way to learn about online and offline tournaments happening all around the world. We also host a unique tournament for universities - The UCL. ❞

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❝ Learn and earn real cash from your CHESS PASSION!
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❝ Participate in or spectate online and offline tournaments from around the world OR YOUR BACKYARD!
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❝ Stay enlightened with educative articles and new updates on what's happening in the chess world. ❞
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❝ Watch Universities battle it out for supremacy from the battlefield stage to the sudden death stage. ❞
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❝ Play the Live Trivia "How much you know" with other players online to earn real cash. Play the Demo Trivia to Warmup for the Live Lobby. ❞

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